Monday, January 09, 2006

Better than JasJar?

There is an interesting review of the new DualCor device in PC Magazine (details here).  At first glance, it appears like it might even be an improvement over my much prized JasJar. I've been in love with my phone for quite a while now, since it truly is a great convergence form-factor for me.  But being able to take it just a smidgen further when necessary is pretty seductive.

The thing I would be worried about is the same thing I'm always worried about with equipment like this. With the JasJar, the cover can be closed like a clam-shell. Then I can open it and leave it open like a tablet when I desire. Unfortunately, the DualCor is always in tablet mode. Which means the screen is constantly being exposed to dirt, oil, grim, and whatnot. I just don't need that kind of stress in something so vital to my every day.

And of course, it's just big. I mean really.  People said the JasJar was big, but this thing is huge!  Sexy...but huge.

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