Monday, December 04, 2006

Mirror in Motion

In the last few days I've had to spend a much larger than average percentage of time explaining how to design a system.  More specifically how to perform tasks of software architecture in a high-velocity way that is consumable by individual contributors.  Whenever I have a challenge of how to explain something complicated, I generally look for examples of how others have addressed similar opportunities.  Sometimes, what they have written mirrors aspects of my own thoughts which helps give me ideas for how to communicate my own ideas.

One such reading lately is about Microsoft Motion, which is an architecture approach being bandied about at Microsoft. I found the conclusion to be the clearest statement of the overlap with my own thinking:
This paper describes three rules for success in a partitioned-iteration strategy. They are as follows:
  1. Start with the low-hanging fruit, focusing on quick time-to-value.
  2. Leverage economy of small scale, focusing on agile processes.
  3. Centralize interoperability and decentralize implementation, focusing on reduced complexity through partitioning, and faster iteration through agility.
You can find out more about Motion Lite on MSDN. You can also check out some podcasts on Channel 9 here and here.  And lastly the Architecture Journal has an article about it here.

Watch for some upcoming posts on other overlapping subjects from the Architecture Journal coming soon.

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