Monday, December 01, 2008

And...I'm Safe.

It's good to know that according to the big analyst firms, the key areas I'm focused on are going to continue to be the top spending areas in this down-turned economy.

InfoWorld reported in an article here, about the findings of several big IT analysis firms what are supposed to be the top 5 spending priorities for the next year. Not surprisingly, cloud computing and business optimization were up there.

When the economy isn't doing well, I often get the question about how my business is doing. The great thing about helping companies do business better is that tough times are great motivator in the way that years of plenty are not. Simply put, if they are making lots of money anyway, it's hard to get people to focus on the costs involved. When they aren't making money so easily, all of sudden they are very interested in what things cost.

You can apply this to your own life too. Are you in feast or famine? Should you be making hay while the sun shines, or playing frisbee? Having billable work is no excuse to put off training, writing, and exercise.

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