Friday, February 06, 2009

A Goofball CEO and a Silly Journalist

If you run a major international company, you shouldn't be dropping cuss words in public. IMHO.

In a recent article, the SAP co-CEO Leo Apotheker was quoted making some of the dumbest CEO comments I've ever heard. I wonder what how big his *ahem* bonus must be for him to so blatantly disregard common sense.

The follow-on article was equally hilarious. It shows how much pressure the Old Timers are under to stay relevant. Add this to the recent absurdity of the Satyam Scandal and it becomes clear some house cleaning is in order.

I found the most insightful comment in the follow-on to be:
The core of most cost/time overruns stems from CIOs committing to ERP, but middle managers insisting after implementation is already well underway that the software be changed to accommodate legacy business processes rather than the other way around. -- Eric Krangel

Amen, brother.

But wait, it doesn't stop there. You have to read the comments too. Here's my favorite:
Accenture made me rich when we IPO'd it in 2001.
I'm willing to forgive all else.

-- Maurice (commented on the Alley Insider article)

That pretty much sums up how the Bozo Effect is getting worse. I think it's time to go back into retirement. Again.

Or maybe a start-up? Hmmm...

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