Monday, June 18, 2012


Acronyms are amazing things. I have tons and in my industry they seem to be everywhere. In reality most of them are quickly forgotten and of limited value beyond shortening the conversation.

However there are a couple of favorites that are indispensable for helping ensure critical thinking and completeness. For example:

SMART - This relates to setting goals and describes the attributes you should ensure each goal encompasses.
  • Specific: details to remove wiggle room when determining if the goal was met
  • Measurable: if it can't be measured, how will you know if you accomplished anything?
  • Attainable: don't set yourself or others up for failure
  • Results-Oriented: it helps to think in terms of an outcome or future state so others can support you, it also gives you a benefit to anticipate
  • Time-Sensitive: everything needs a timeline so we have a sense of urgency and more importantly know when to declare success or change tactics

and I've recently added another one to my short list:
FACT - This relates to the quality and integrity of data or intelligence.
  • Fit-for-purpose: does it apply, can it be used, is it appropriate?
  • Accurate: how reliable and consistent is the information or the source?
  • Complete: are there other inputs that could color the interpretation? does the data stand on its own?
  • Timely: how up-to-date is the information, and can age impact the interpretation or usefulness?
I'm sure there are plenty others that you use, and I've a few more on my list I'll share later.

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