Thursday, December 15, 2005


In the last week, I've started using the new and improved mail clients from both Microsoft and Yahoo. Needless to say, about freakin' time, y'all!

The Microsoft offering is part of the new Live-branded services which are pretty fantastic in my book. Definitely the elegant and outstanding interfaces I have to come to know and love from Microsoft. They screw up enough stuff, but they sure know how to do usability. As is typical, there are things you don't expect to like because they don't seem to make sense and then you finally realize that they actually work great and it's just what you never knew you always wanted!

Kudos on the simple, clean interface. The faq says it's deliberate while they figure out what it's ultimately going to look like. So double-kudos on the PM who finally grew a pair and realized there is a reason they call it Beta! You can release software early, and we will be very grateful and love you for it. It makes us happy. Now go tell the other groups that. More releases, more often. Even if you break stuff and it kindda sucks at first. Let people get the smokin' hot goodness in their greedy little hands and they'll create the buzz, give you great feedback and lay a publicity smack-down on all the nay-saying know-nothings who say you're too big to be nimble. At least that's what my friend told me.

Anyway. I dig it. Keep it coming.

The Yahoo! offering is equally clean but further along in the polish department. The new RSS Feeds feature is outstanding! Big high-fives for that one, whoever the rocket-scientist was that finally realized how blisteringly obvious of a good idea it was to add this feature. Microsoft blokes, pay attention! They scooped you on this one.

The integration with other Yahoo! services is still a work in progress. Sometimes you feel like you go through a time-warp where you are working in this great little application, just loving the experience and then you click a link and bam! back to the boring, old, vintage sections of the site.

Anyway. You had me at RSS feed. Just don't let up.

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